Simple camera detection on Macbook

    Dec 16 2010 | 6:18 pm
    I'm trying to use the built-in camera of my macbook with jitter library cv.jit but it doesn't seem to work.
    How can I do a simple test ?
    The camera works perfectly with other software.

    • Dec 16 2010 | 10:20 pm
      go to the the jit.qt.grab (mac) or jit.dx.grab (win; I think it's "dx") helpfile. if you get input there, you should be good to go...
    • Dec 17 2010 | 9:31 am
      I've already tried the jit.qt.grab thing but it doesn't work either.
      Are there some video-preferences-stuff where I can set the camera in max ?
    • Dec 17 2010 | 8:37 pm
      did you populate the menus in the helpfile? does your camera show up there?? if not, do you have a full install of quicktime like it says in the helpfile or the 3rd party vdig for win?
    • Dec 19 2010 | 3:12 pm
      In the cv.jit.grap help file there's a settings button: the preview of my camera was set to none, I've just set it to compressed and the camera works.
      There's nothing like that on the jit.qt.grab help file, but at the moment I just need the cv.jit library, so I'm fine with it.
      Thanx for your help!