Simple Interface Question: subpatch and presentation mode

    Sep 29 2009 | 8:42 pm
    I have my main patch in which I'm building an intuitive user friendly presentation mode.
    In this patch, I want to use several subpatches to make things clean.
    There are some GUI objects that are in my main patch that appears on my presentation view. I would like to move some of these into subpatches to make my main patch cleaner.
    My question:
    Is there a way to move an object into a subpatch but keep it in the presentation view of my main patch?
    Thank you.

    • Sep 29 2009 | 8:46 pm
      Unless you use the bpatcher object, no. But that's what the bpatcher object was made for....
    • Sep 30 2009 | 12:39 am
      Oh nice, thanks
      The inspector of bpatcher allows me select another max patch. Is it possible to load a subpatch?
      Also, the track in the bpatcher appears in edit mode, is there a way to have presentation mode?
    • Sep 30 2009 | 1:03 am
      Check "Open in Presentation" from the bpatcher's Patcher inspector (in the view menu).
    • Sep 30 2009 | 1:17 am
      Yeah that's what I was looking for.
    • Sep 30 2009 | 1:51 am
      I got another question which is not really related but I don't want to make another thread.
      So I'm currently using a preset object as some kind of clock (each presets are automatically loaded in an order)
      This clock system is inside a subpatch and I want to control elements that are in other subpatch with the preset.
      I tried using inlets and outlets but it doesn't work.
      Is it possible to use a preset inside a subpatch to control some GUI objects that are in another subpatch?
    • Sep 30 2009 | 1:59 am
      One word: pattr. Time for a little quality help file perusal. Or, if you're one of those weird people who reads, refpages and tutorials.
      If you're jonesing for the ability to have a graphic UI, you can set an attribute that associates a preset object with a given pattrstorage object.
      You'll like it. Being able to recall things in subpatches is just the beginning.
    • Jan 15 2013 | 4:52 pm
      how does it work if I want to put a filtergraph that is in a subpatcher into presentation mode? if i click add to presentation mode it is not there..
      any ideas?
      cheers, j