Simple LOM problem?

    Apr 04 2014 | 2:43 pm
    Hi everyone, I've used M4L a little bit in the past but I'm not sure how best to tackle a particular problem.
    I have MIDI CC data coming into a M4L patch, I want to split that data in two (0-64 out one way, 65 - 127 out of another). I want the data within these number ranges to go to a different Device Parameter. No problem there.
    First question then, am I right in thinking that I can access Device Parameter dials or even effect dials using LOM? I looked over the LOM Chart and couldn't see anything there.
    A bit of reading around referred me to to the LOM Navigator and having worked through the tutorial this seems to confirm that I can't access these parameters through the LOM.
    If I can access them through the LOM, how? If I can't what should I use?
    Many thanks,