Simple visual metronome

    Dec 21 2010 | 6:04 pm
    Hi I think I'm going about something the wrong way here. I am trying to build a visual metronome. For bangs should light up on every 1st, 2nd 3rd 4th beat. Seems to work fine until I start and stop the transport. It seems to go out of sync. So the 1st best might light on the 2nd for example

    • Dec 21 2010 | 7:21 pm
      ________________________________ *Never fear, Noob4Life was never here!*
    • Dec 22 2010 | 1:09 am
      Thanks that set me on the right path. I discovered the 'transport' object. I think think this is the missing link to keeping in sync after start/stops. Heres what I got now:
    • Dec 22 2010 | 6:35 am
      almost, but with 'transport' you don't need the counter because transport is doing the counting for you, definitely look at what's actually being output for every different object, it'll help you remember their specific application:
      and if you haven't already, go and look at this timing tutorial but, not just online, also within the 'Help' menu of the Max app(so that you can open the actual tutorial patch): (found from master tutorial and doc page: )
      glad you found the transport object. good call! hope the rest helps move you along even further. best of luck! ________________________________ *Never fear, Noob4Life was never here!*
    • Mar 04 2011 | 5:37 pm
      Thanks for your help Noob4life