skype api and streaming in jit.grab

    Mar 25 2013 | 1:24 am
    Hi all
    After searching the forum extensively, I was wondering if someone would have downlaod the skype api controller created by Wojciech Kosma. I found it in the max objects list but th elink is broken.
    AFter much effort and succes I've succed in getting the skype video call in the jit.qt.grab window using Camtwist. I tried icam with icam to syphon I jit.netclient 2 shiphon etc.... Even purchased Iwebcamera and it work. If any of you attempts don't forget to create a to use the gpu for better resolution.
    What worked best for speed was camtwist on a skype window.
    What is the problem you may ask : Well I want people at @ party to video call the same skype number (say 5 people) and they get to be the camera man for the visual included in a projector I will place in the living room.
    I want it all in jitter because I want someone (controlling the patch) to filter and choose what video will be put up on screen
    Simple, but basically impossible to do with the camtwist option, the best I figured was get all video directly from skype into jitter but I don't know how. I know nothing about Java and Api manipulation.
    Thanks in advance for any help on this