[slide] loading with no inlets or outlets

    Oct 21 2009 | 2:09 pm
    Upon updating to Max 5 I have had problems when loading patches that have [slide] in them- The object has no inlets or outlets when loaded and the only way that I have been able to fix the problem is by changing [slide] to a different object and then back to [slide] (which sometimes works) or restarting Max.
    The [slide] object in the help file always loads correctly, but any patches I have created that have [slide] in them have problems, which leads me to believe it has something to do with the location of my files- although they are within the Max search path.
    I have attached a picture of a patch that has multiple [slide] objects and that shows the error messages that occur when loading it.
    Thanks for any help!
    Running Mac OS 10.4.11 and Max 5.08

    • Oct 21 2009 | 2:59 pm
      Are you sure you don't have any abstraction named slide.maxpat in your search paths?
    • Oct 21 2009 | 3:27 pm
      I did- I changed the name and all is working well!