slight window weirdnesses in max6

    Oct 16 2011 | 4:41 pm
    a couple of things
    a lot of my patches from max5 have initial window locations saved. usually they're small windows with all of the space in the window being taken up by interface elements. in max 5 these windows open with no scrollbars, as they open at the exact specified size. if i open one of these patches in max6, i get scrollbars appearing. they disappear if i expand the window to at least the width of a scrollbar. this seems wrong, as there is no scrolling necessary other than to take into account the possibility of a scrollbar appearing. obviously i can disable the scrollbars in every window but then i can't scroll.
    also, for some reason now it's not remembering the positions of the windows either. this only happens to files i have made in max5, then opened, saved, and re-opened in max6.
    i assume the former is a lion thing (i dont have lion yet) and the latter is a bug maybe (?)

    • Oct 17 2011 | 4:20 am
      i haven't downloaded the beta, and this might be stuff you already know. but i have a max 5 app that consists of many windows without scrollbars or title bars, fitted together perfectly. i loadbang all of the window placement info to a [thispatcher] in each window. btw, the window commands for thispatcher i learned not from the documentation (couldn't find them in there), but from the thispatcher help patch. max 5 will leave scrollbars there even after you have removed all items outside the view, you have to nudge and nudge-back something inside the view to get the scrollbars to disappear. now if max 6 is making scroll bars when they're not needed, well good luck with that. my app would be garbage upon upgrade if that was the case.
    • Oct 17 2011 | 5:27 pm
      yeah this beta behaves differently to max5
      in max5, once you set the window location for a patch, if you then open that patch it opens at that exact size, and has no scrollbars. in max6 it opens at the exact size but has scrollbars that appear if you hover over them. these scrollbars only allow you to scroll a few pixels, ie the exact width of a scrollbar. you do have the option to permanently disable scrollbars in each window to stop this happening but that means that when you go into edit mode you cant scroll around, you have to open the inspector and enable them again.
      i should add that i think that the scrollbars only appear if there is an interface element near the edge, in the scrollbar's space, as it were, if it were supposed to be there. and i know lion scrollbars are all dynamic so... i get why this is a problem area