Slightly OT - Handling external files/assets being updated out of Max, while Max is running?

    Jan 24 2007 | 9:32 pm
    If I have a max patch which reads quicktimes off of disk from a folder, named,, - etc, and I have some coll files that are being used in to drive logic (and so on, external text files being used for content etc), what is the safest mechanisms for updating these assets when the max patch is active, open and running?
    Is it safe to use something like Curl to download to a temp folder, and then move the assets to the folder that max is periodically polling? Could this cause issues? I am seeing some odd behaviour, and I think it might be due to something like this.
    What techniques are safe and proven? What sort of things should be avoided and are known to cause issues?
    I cant quite use jit.uldl, because it pauses rendering, so I think an 'external to max' solution is needed.
    Id love to know techniques people use, because I get the feeling my odd behaviour has something to do with my external asset handling.
    Thanks for any tips,
    v a d e //