Mar 03 2007 | 3:41 pm
    i started experimenting with video slitscan technique.
    i adapted the patch from the examples folder. the difference is that
    i start the scan from every frame (the usual technique for 720/576
    video is every 720 frames). the patch is far from realtime. i use it
    to render frame by frame, but it renders quite slow. i attached the
    patch below (i erased part of the patch that records frame by frame
    to keep it as clean as possible).
    i wonder if there are other, faster approaches to this problem that
    someone wants to share.
    i know that using framedump from is faster than my
    method, but there seems to be a bug in jitter 1.5.2 (that i happen to
    be using) - using end frame values larger than 1000 results in
    dumping frames till the end of the movie. so i used sluzi and counter
    i also tried making the patch using one matrixset as a delay for each
    vertical scanline. i started generating matrixset subpatches, first
    one with single set and the last one with 720 sets, but didn't manage
    to finish. i guess there is some limit regarding ram (alltough 3.5 gb
    ram on dual 2.0ghz g5 isn't bad at all), because everything started
    slowing down extremely....
    max v2;