Slow finder operation in Max6

    Jan 31 2012 | 10:26 am
    hey everyone,
    this is my very first post. i've been feeding from the forums for years though. i'd like to thank you all for teaching me for free already!
    ever since I upgraded to Max6, i've been experiencing a terrible slowdown in finder searches in opened dialogues (for instance when i like to replace the content of a buffer). i type in the name of the file into the search bar and my machine hangs so bad. sometimes it takes up to 20-30 secs to reach the file in question and choose it. I believe it gets worse when the audio is ON, or simply when the patch is working.
    i still have a copy of max5 and I experience nothing like this with it. it works pretty smooth.
    i was wondering if any of you has experienced a similar problem and got a solution for it?
    Specs: Mac OS X 10.7.2 MaxMSP 6.0.2 Macbook PRO 5.1 2.4ghz c2d 4gb ram
    thank you.