small job offer :transcribing improvised relative complex piano

    Apr 09 2013 | 10:31 am
    i just cant crack this impovisation without spending days and weeks, and im really in hurry.
    So i thought there might be some max/msp heads that would be able to do this with ear and software in a few days or shorter.
    It doesnt need to be accurate with timing and put in a metric system, but the notes and phrases must be as accurate as possible.
    please contact me here or at if you think this is something you could do
    The work is of course paid, but we´ll have to discuss timeframe and the budget is not very big. so if you need a week it is not good payed work, if you could do it in 1-3 days it is probably decent
    here is the music to be transcribed approx 1- 7 min of this: