SMS messaging system/data matching

    Oct 13 2013 | 1:23 pm
    hello, I need some help and maybe pointing the right direction. (website/tec/forum/something which could emulate this)
    I want to do a project where a user can send a SMS(texting) message to a database/sever which then sends a message back to the phone if any results are found on the database. The information i wish to use will be names, ages and possibly places. It will of course need a way for names and ages to be added and stored to the data base, which also needs to be through SMS messaging. Also if any results are found the retuning message will need to send the number which the information came from.
    I fault this would be a good place to start researching what tec/methods are availably to create this.
    hopefully this makes sense but if any confusion leave a comment.
    p.s not quite sure if this is quite the place to be putting this here
    Thanks in advance, 62nights.