Snow Leopard and Max/SMP 5.1.3 : no output

    Oct 03 2010 | 11:14 pm
    Hi, I'm new to Max/MSP and I can't get to have any output on a simple patch ([start message] ->[dac~]
    I've check the audio output device used by the dac~, it's the CoreAudioBuildInput, the audio is On when clicking the start message.
    I'm using Snow Leopard 10.6.4, and I've read many threads about issues with SL. Although, none of them brought any working solution.
    Is this still an open issue ? I've also read about AU DLS Synth, but this seemsnti concern MIDI, so I don't think I'm concerned with this yet...
    I'll greatly appreciate any help, as I can't wait to start patching with Max/MSP.

    • Oct 04 2010 | 4:05 am
      Sounds like MSP is not authorized. Please send an email to support at cycling 74 dot com and we will help you there.