Some beginner questions

    Jan 15 2013 | 11:29 pm
    I just bought an Eowave Domino Synthesizer and there are some parameters that are only accessible via midi cc. So I thought that It would be a good starter project and motivation to write my first max/m4l patch. I have several questions, where I can't find an answer: 1. To change the midi channel of the synthesizer, I need to send a program change with the desired channel, followed by a program change "100". How can I programmatically send the program change 100 after I already sent a program change?
    2. The Domino manual says under the midi implementation chart: midi clock Midi start (set Midi sync on) midi stop (reset the lfo). And there is also a midi clock time table: Speed 1 = 8 bars, Speed 2 = 4 bars […] Speed 16 = 64 bars… I know that the synthesizer isn't using the midi clock. Has anyone an idea how I can activate this function and set speed? There aren't more information in the manual.