some dual graphic cards use openGL in just one DVI port, which are those?

    Sep 24 2008 | 4:07 am
    i need to play 9 (4 minutes, 300mb each movie) different movies at 720x480 synced :s
    i'll use two computers one using three dual DVI's graphic cards to display 5 images and other with 2 graphic cards displaying 4 (synced by ethernet)
    so today i test it with this setup
    3 asus pcie 3850 ATI, latest catalist 8 drivers processor, intel core 2, quad q6600 at 2.40 ghz ram, 2 gb, 2.40ghz, (with the videos loaded there) motherboard, asus p5q-e SO, windows ue sp2 Max 5.0.4
    the setup was really easy, an versatile, i easily got 5 different outputs at one large desktop.
    however in the max patch i got the message jit.window invalid enumeration
    i tried just a connected to a jit.window (using hardware descompression) and the same story, (the movie stop working), but this happens only when i put the jit.window window in the secondary screen,
    so i investigate and found (from the GEM pd guy) that some dual graphic cards only support open GL for just one dvi
    mmmm, i look at the specs of the adapter and i didn't found any specification on this
    (i saw in the forum that ati works better for direct x and that nvidia is better for open gl)
    so.. where i can see if a graphic card supports open gl for both dvi's?, which cards should i look?
    in the meantime, i got ONE zotac pcie 8600 gt sli NVIDIA graphic card, i put it in the same setup using two monitors, i arrange 5 movies at 720x480 (yuv) in one jit.window using videoplane at large of both desktops
    everything works very smooth in both screens ;)
    so it looks is the graphic card
    i'll try tomorrow adding graphic cards of this same model (in a compatible motherboard) to see if i can get multiple desktop and if i can get rid of the invalid enumeration problem
    any advice of which data or graphic card should i look to have multiple desktops with multiples (short) movies (performed by the GPU), will be appreciated