[sharing] some free things for all of yule [get it?]


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    lewis lepton
    Dec 19 2013 | 1:55 pm
    howdy guys,
    ive been using max for a good few years, think its 6 now? ive created some nice tools, given help and more so have worked with max in a professional setting. which is nice, but also time consuming.
    that being said, i have stopped making softworks but still make small scale things, but am taking my learnings to c++ lately and using max to talk too it. but have made all my softworks available on github for people to even add to and keep the seed[s] alive. utforma is a 6 channel sound thing, operand was one of the first polyrythmic granular sequencers, _eralc was my vj software with a lemur template.
    so if you want to grab utforma, operand, my vj software, plus other fun things, head to here:-https://github.com/smokingbunny
    i will be adding some other max stuff soon, nearer christmas. so keep an eye on, or better still, follow me on twitter, as i always make a bulletin about new things ive posted up.smoking bunny twitter
    enjoy & happy holidays
    lewis lepton ------ smokingbunny.net