Some M4L devices built w/Max 7 not working in Max 8 (macOS Sierra)

    Feb 28 2019 | 2:21 pm
    Several of my M4L devices built in Max 7/Live 9 seem not to work in Max 8/Live 10. I have not done an exhaustive inventory, but they mostly seem to be distortion patches; for comparison, however, some other audio-in effects seem fine, e.g., delays and combers. I can confirm that they worked in Max 7/Live 9 and that I'm running the latest versions of Max and Live (as of today).
    Before I start pulling them apart, I thought I'd see if there was a known bug around this, perhaps a specific object that has gone funny with the upgrade or, as with assigning [live.dial] objects to specific Push2 encoders, objects that are now required that weren't in the past (in this case []). I did not see any similar posts in the M4L forum.
    Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!