Something like markov-chains but w. index...

    Mar 09 2009 | 11:39 am
    So, I've been having a great deal of fun with anal and prob, but... For my application I need something, which also takes an index. That is, something which is fed a series of numbers, toghether with an index (16th notes etc) and builds up probabilities tied to that index, so when queried for that index point, it puts out numbers tied to the index.
    Well, markov chains are fun, but it becomes unmusical as the series quickly becomes dislodged from the rythmical patterns that were originally in the stream of numbers.
    Any ideas?

    • Mar 10 2009 | 1:22 am
      Are you talking about an array of markov chains? Where each index would point to a state table?
    • Mar 12 2009 | 10:52 am
      Yeah, kind of, but the choice has to be dependent on what choice was made previously, in the step before that...
      For example:
      im7		ivm7		iim7b5	V7b9	im
      I7b9		ivm7		bVII9	bVII7	bIIIMaj7
      bVIMaj7		iim7b5		II7		V7#5#9
      im6		ivm6		V7#5#9        	im6
      im6		ivm6		V7#5#9        	im6
      im7	vim7b5	iim7b5	V7#5#9	I7	ivm7	bVII9	bIII9
      bVI9		iim7b5	V7#5#9	im7	vim7b5	iim7b5	V7
      I7	ivm7	bVII9	bIII9	bVI9	V7#5#9	im7
      I7b9		ivm7		I7b9		ivm7
      I7b9		ivm7		I	ivm6	I7b9
      ivm6	iim7b5	vm7b5	I7b9	IV7	bviim7	bIII9	bVI9
      bII9		bII9		bVI9		bVI9
      bII9		bII9		bVI9		iim7b5	V7#5#9
      These are the chords in Django, as you can see there are reoccuring patterns split basically into four "columns", with occasional subdivisions, I want to have a first order markov chain matching, which takes the current column-number (1-4) into account, not just going from chord to chord at random.
      So, upon further studies, I've found out I need a looping index of 16, with a 2nd order.