Something similar to Gleetchlab? (glitchy/sampling app/patch that uses OSC)

    Jun 03 2011 | 1:36 am
    After a long bit of not using Max (or a laptop) in my live music, I'm thinking of edging my way back into it. My coding was never great, but it's even worse now that I haven't touched it for some time. Couple that with the fact that I never made the transition to Max5 (only have max 4.6 or whatever the last update of 4.x was).
    I want to start using something essentially prebuilt that can cover glitchy/looping/sampling/granular type sounds. It will be a long time before I can code that kind of thing, and I just want to get to the music making part.
    I also plan on (at the moment) primarily controlling it via OSC (TouchOSC on an iPad/iPhone combo). This will eventually expand to some arduino-driven sensor type setup, which will also work in OSC-land.
    So, is there something prebuilt that has that kind of sound language, but works with OSC? Gleetchlab actually looks nice, but not being able to save is a MASSIVE dealbreaker for me. I get the philosophical motivation behind it, but patching in/out at the start every time is..... not fun. Also don't know if it does OSC.
    I also don't own Live, so Max4Live stuff is out of the picture.