SOS strange problems agh!!

    Apr 21 2008 | 1:19 am
    Ok, I have a patch Ive been working on for quite a while now, and today it just decided to start randomly topping out my cpu every couple seconds. I have not changed anything in the patch in the past couple days, and without any changes my cpu usage went from 45% average to fluctuating from 37-100 repeatedly. It makes this patch unusable. Ive also tried a "tried and true" app version of the patch and it does the same thing. Im really at a loss. Ive tried every audio and preference config thing that I know of and still no change whatsoever. does anyone have any clue what could cause something like this to happen? So far as I know I haven't installed anything that would interfere with max, Ive tried reinstalling max, though I haven't tried uninstalling (is there a real way to do that?? I cant seem to find one). ALso altogether to coincidentally my desktop g5 recently decided that it doesn't want to start max 4.6 at all, 4.5 still works fine. This means that the applet version of my patch that is overloading my laptop now will also not run as its compiled with 4.6. so at thsi moment I cant use my laptop or my desktop to use my most developed and beloved patch, which is a rather depressing situation. Ive also tried reinstalling on there. it just crashes as soon as it gets past the loading screen.
    I cant really send the patch as its huge and involves many externals, but I know that its not something in the patch because the applet does the same thing, and loads of my friends use the applet version, and it works fine..
    I really would love some help, I wish that max 5 was the answer but sadly Im using many jitter objects so If I understand jitter will not work with max 5 yet? also im not at all convinced that would change my problem, which must be some strange little bug somewhere. my brain feels like the max startup screen, tangled and with a seatbelt down the middle.
    I love you all hardcore maxers and c74 employees, help me!!!

    • Apr 21 2008 | 1:39 am
      Ok so check this out, about 5 minutes after posting that I started trying totally random stuff. I turned off my airport and everything works fine!!! This is extremely strange, and I cant understand why this all of a sudden took on this behavior... Ive never had to turn off my airport before... I dont know why I would now.. does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this back to normal?? Or why my airport might all of a sudden affect max?
      also still having the same problem with my G5 crashing on max load.
    • Apr 21 2008 | 2:04 am
      I have heard that the latest airport software upgrade causes cpu spikes for some people in Logic so i imagine it's a similar thing for max. It's possible to downgrade the airpot software for more info check out the apple logic forum and search for cpu spikes or cpu overload message.
    • Apr 21 2008 | 4:37 am
      It's probably the airport update. Check out this discussion...