Sound font synth options on Mac Intel?

    Sep 13 2006 | 9:56 pm
    Hi All,
    I am trying to survey options with regard to soundfont playback from Max on Mac Intel, and hope someone can enlighten and correct me.
    I was not able to track down versions of either of the fluidsynth externals compiled for Max on Mac Intel, so if someone has a pointer to those, that would be ideal. Perhaps it is within reason to consider an effort to compile those externals myself if they have not been already.
    The built in DLS synth from Apple works fine as a midi destination, but this creates some limitations relative to a synth sited in an external. Is the recommended course to re-route sound back to Max using soundflower or similar?
    I gather that I could load Apple's DLS synth in an audio unit, but I understand that Max does not host them, and anyway I'm not sure what the status of that format is.
    Finally, I am searching now for other VSTi sound font players, which I imagine must exist. Please send any recommendations in this regard.
    Thanks for any advice, Yon