Soundflower 64 + MADI error

    Nov 28 2012 | 5:54 pm
    Hi there,
    I'm having routing problems with Soundflower and a RME HDSPe MADI interface.
    I want to record 64 channels from Max using Soundflower, with all audio routed to the MADI interface. But when I select SF in Max, and set SF-bed to RME MADI, the routing is mixed up.
    SF ch1 is routed to MADI ch1 + 9 + 17 + 25 + 33 etc. SF ch2 is routed to MADI ch2 + 10 + 18 + 26 etc. SF ch9 and higher don't get any output at all...
    So, SF channels 1 to 8 are repeatedly routed every 8 MADI channels???
    The routing in Max is correct as well as in Soundflowerbed (which, in the menu, only displays the channels up to 16 btw).
    Setup: Mac Pro, OSX 10.7.2, Soundflowerbed v1.6.6