soundflower...aggregate device aggravation

    Jan 17 2007 | 8:14 pm
    hello all,
    i am trying to get audio from maxMSP 4.6 (intel vers) to logic pro 7 via soundflower 16ch. using the aggregate device method. im on a macbook pro, OS 10.4.8, and a motu traveller.
    i have created an aggregate device by combining my motu traveller and soundflower 16ch. but can't get at the soundflower channels through the Audio MIDI setup once i make it an aggregate.
    from the logic interface i pick the aggrigate device in the drivers window. when i go to select a channel input for the track the inputs are available but there is no signal via soundflower. the motu inputs work just fine. the vector size is the same (512) and the sampling rate is the same (44100) in MSP and Logic.
    my understanding of this process so far is that, once i aggregate them, i can decide which channels i want to point to soundflower and which ones i want to point to the motu.
    should i be seeing channels in logic labeled explicitly as Soundflower channels? does anyone know of any detailed tutorials about this online?
    thanks so much for your help in advance.. previous posts on this topic have been helpful but im still stuck.