Soundflower with Google Phone and Quicktime?

    Oct 11 2012 | 5:58 pm
    OK, this is massively frustrating. I'd like to record Google phone calls with Quicktime (iMac 10.6.8) That is, no POTS, and no regular POTS handset. Just my computer, with my internal microphone and speaker/headset. I have managed to set it up so that it does this nicely, EXCEPT for my own voice. That is, I can record everything that would be on the headset receiver, but nothing with my internal microphone. So I end up recording half of the conversation.
    Now, I have no trouble doing Google phone by itself. That is, I can chat with ease using my internal mike and speaker.
    There are just SO many potential settings to tweak. System Prefs/Input/Output? Quicktime Prefs? Soundflower menubar selection? All the settings on the Audio Midi Setup pane? Chat audio settings on GMail? Whew.
    Am I supposed to be using an aggregate device? How should that be set up?
    I guess the first question is whether this should be possible at all. If so, I'd just like a recipe for all the settings.