SoundHack Spectral Shapers Group Buy at

    Jan 18 2006 | 8:21 pm
    Tom Erbe is letting us purchase his wondeful Spectral Shapers plugins for a
    discounted price in high volume. Here is the pricing:
    5-10 people $90 instead of $125
    11-25 people - $80
    Over 25 people - $70
    The package consists of 4 beautiful VST/AU plugins for Mac/PC utilizing
    spectral processing:
    +spectralcompand - Performs smooth timbral filtering. Can be used to tame
    resonant frequencies or for radical changes of tone. In expansion mode,
    +spectralcompand becomes a highly tunable broadband noise remover, capable
    of removing hiss, hum and machine noise, without damaging the original
    +morphfilter - Holds two filter shapes. These shapes are set by drawing, or
    by capturing the spectra from the incoming sound. You can morph between
    these two filters. +morphfilter's depth control can change the strength of
    filtering, or even invert the filter for an "anti-filtered" sound.
    +binaural - This filter places a sound at a specific position around the
    listener's head. Use it with a reverb to create a virtual environment. When
    used with it's LFO, +binaural can place various beats or parts of a loop in
    specific repeatable positions.
    +spectralgate - A spectral version of the noise gate/ducker dynamics
    processor. Combines a noise gate/ducker and a multiband processor to give
    you a plugin that can used both as a frequency dependent gate or as a level
    dependent filter.