Sounds controls video patch - improvements

    Mar 01 2011 | 9:28 pm
    I have this idea of creating a versatile VJ-like patch, that allows me to set a zoom scale for incoming audio + adding other stuff where it gets affected by amplitude. I'd like to implement this in Max for live - the music being my main focus.
    Use presentation view to see the relevant material to get started.
    1. I still have crashes using max for live. Would you consider this patch to be a possibility without crashing all the time? 2. Should I use a qmetro instead of metro? I guess the 1 ms bang is ok. 3. I wish to have the live video - your face if you don't have a camera connected - to show up in the left jit.pwindow, and a playback video in the right. I know how to get the signal through, but i presume that there will be significant latency - in the best of all worlds there'd be no latency in this patch! So... How do I send the signal from the jit.window to the left and then to the right jit.pwindow? Latency in the playback video isn't an issue for me as it is just a monitor. 4. When making similar patches in M4L I've experienced that the patch shows up as if in edit mode. I'd like it to show in presentation mode. Am I making a very basic mistake here?
    Notice anything that is out of place or would save me some CPU do let me know - post your suggestions. Some things aren't really working yet - like the jit.brcosa - will have to look at that one!
    Thanks beforehand!

    • Mar 04 2011 | 4:10 pm
      I know the patch seems big from the code, but I think the questions are reasonable.
    • Mar 04 2011 | 5:31 pm
      1440x900 is a pretty large dim size for movies, i would pick something more common like 720x480.
      you can send to your pwindows by connecting them to the same thing that's is going to your jit.window. you can use switch or gate or matrix to control incoming and outgoing matrices. not really sure what your question is. also not really sure what latency you're worried about. with a live camera input, there's always some latency.
      to make a patch open in presentation mode, open up the patcher inspector, and click the checkbox for "open in presentation".