Sounds triggered by paint.

    Nov 10 2011 | 4:15 pm
    Hey there.
    I'm new to Max/MSP but I'm really glad I found it, it seems to be a realy interesting software to work with. Anyway, I'm currently working on an art project at school entitled "Colour, body, and dynamism". I had the idea of linking my computer to a camera aiming at a huge blank panel. What I want to do is create a certain patch which will use the camera to recognize simple colour which will be painted on the panel. To illustrate my saying, let's say I paint a huge red dot in the middle of the surface, I want the software to release a certain sample, such as a drum part. I'm aware that what I'm asking is quite difficult to obtain. Anyway I also know I'll probably need to use Ableton Live which I'm confortable with, I just don't know where to start with Max.
    It will be very kind of you to try and help me out here!

    • Nov 10 2011 | 5:48 pm
      It is always helpful to search the forums first:
      Also, it would be useful if you went through the Jitter tutorials. A good place to start is always the beginning - i.e. the tutorials. They are extremely informative and helpful, and really give you an insight into how Max/MSP/Jitter works. Jitter is the video aspect of the package, so before to the Jitter tutorials, it might be helpful to go through the Max and MSP tutorials to get a basic idea of how Max works.)
      Hope this helps :)