speak to some selected target in a poly~

    Jun 16 2010 | 10:22 am
    Hello there, I know that I can send messages to an instance of a poly~ by sending "target x" before the message. I know too than I can send messages to all instances of a poly~ by sending "target 0". But is there a way to send messages to some instances (say, more than one) but not to all instances of a poly~? thanks a lot

    • Jun 16 2010 | 1:51 pm
      A1: Nope. A1: you can fake it with something like that
    • Jun 16 2010 | 2:51 pm
      Thanks Emmanuel, that's great.
    • Jun 16 2010 | 6:46 pm
      another method, just for fun:
    • Jun 16 2010 | 7:23 pm
      The coma is missing in your version... Another one using listfunnel:
    • Jun 17 2010 | 1:32 am
      Ah yes, of course... nice!