Spectral Delay

    Jun 25 2006 | 12:50 am
    I am thinking of learning the way to build a spectral delay patch in Max/MSP. I found a related patch in the forum archieve, but it crashes on PC and lack "Lifo" object in Mac. I tried to download Lobject pack but found that "Lifo" object in the pack does not work in OS X.
    I was wondering if there is any good article or functioning patch for learning about spectral delay in addition to Dr. David Kim-Boyle's article "Spectral Delays with Frequency Domain Processing".
    Please help if you could.

    • Jun 26 2006 | 9:46 am
      Hi Chien-Wen, I did some simple experiments with a spectral delay. Maybe it turns out to be helpful for you... Cheers, Johannes
      ------------Save this with the name "spectral-delay- subpatch.pat"---------------
      ------------Here is the main patch---------------
    • Jun 26 2006 | 10:31 pm
      Wow, that's a very clean patch and works quite well. It helps a lot. Great thanks.
    • Jun 27 2006 | 2:03 pm
      Nice patch, with some interesting interface possibilities.
      -- Paul
      -- ----- |(*,+,#,=)(#,=,*,+)(=,#,+,*)(+,*,=,#)| -----
    • Jun 28 2006 | 1:08 am
      Since delay is more fun with feedback, I added feedback control to the patch.
      The pitch kept slowly rising on me which was unexpected. I adjusted the signal vector size from 64 to 128 and it stopped, even when I set the signal vector back to 64. Curious.
      Save as "spectral-delay-feedback.pfft"
      save as "spectral-delay-feedback-wrapper"
    • Jun 28 2006 | 3:55 am
      Thanks for sharing.
      But the "feedback spectral delay" seems to consume too much CPU. There is certainly a need to make the patch become stereo, which might consume even more CPU.
      Still wondering if there is a good way to do that...