spigot~ in MFL having problems

    Apr 16 2010 | 12:20 am
    I am trying to make an audio / video player in MFL using spigot~ to route audio from a qt movie into Live for further manipulation. Whenever I do so, spigot spits out an xml file in the same folder as the movie is in. Now, the problem occurs whenever I try and load a movie that has already been loaded previously and the xml file is already there in the folder - it crashes every time. Here is a way to generate crash:
    Load a movie with spigot routing audio back to Live. It works great, as hoped. Now, load a different movie. Again, works great. Next load the first movie that you loaded, crash. It has something to do with trying to export the xml file rather than reading the existing one. Any thoughts?
    Also - it says in the spigot reference that you can set spigot to save soundfiles to a temporary folder using the message "spigot_cache 3". I thought this might solve the problem, but spigot does not see this as a valid message.
    Any thoughts? An easy way to observe the phenomenon is to copy the spigot help file into a MFL instrument, it will reliably crash if you follow the steps above.

    • Jun 09 2010 | 4:13 pm
      i replaced the ezdac with [plugout~] and connected it with spigots audio outlets... in this way the audio is coming through live, i dont know if this is what you were trying to avoid.. but i havent had any crashes at all this way