Spigot instability

    Feb 04 2009 | 3:02 am
    Hi there, I'm having problems with spigot~. In my patch, with "soc", the sound goes right into my soundcard. When setting jit.qt.movie to the appropriate "soc #0-name" (matching the spigot~ #0-name), it doesn't work!!! These are in a subpatcher, maybe that can explain my problems... But audio is on... I don't understand. And I have to tell that I will have other audio patches going on when I'll get it to work. I want to be able to manage the output of each movie independantly, so the SoundFlower solution won't be good for me. Even the help patcher of spigot doesn't work all the time!! I got it to work some days ago, but I can't explain why it doesn't to work properly right now... When going in Tutorial 27, then it works... When I restart Max, the help file works, but only few seconds after I toggled on and off and on the ezdac~. Please help me!
    I'm running Max 5.05 on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.4.11, QuickTime 7.60.