splicing single frames into jit.qt.movie

    Dec 08 2011 | 9:24 am
    Hello all, I am trying to do something quite different from jit.record. I am trying to create a quicktime movie file non-sequencially. As in, i would like to splice single frames into larger sequences.
    I am trying to use the Insert Edit commands for the jit.qt.matrix object, I also tried cut and paste with no luck. They seem to have little documentation on how to correctly format them and all I have been able to figure out is by messing around with them
    so far the thing that is giving me the most trouble is the insert command as described below
    if I put in a message containing the source movie, the frame to be pulled, and the destination frame
    insert /the/path/of/the/file.mov 29 30 17 18
    it seems I have to add a frame to make a duration between the source start and end frames, so I choose the frame I want and the the end is that frame +1 (ex 29-30)
    this seems to work fine! until I save the quicktime movie in jit.qt.movie, open it in quicktime and see that it has actually moved two frames over into the new sequence.
    I can't seem to just cut one frame from a film and there seems to be no way of bringing a jitter matrix into a jit.qt.movie object.
    when I try something like
    insert /the/path/of/the/file.mov 29 29 17 17
    nothing happens
    does anyone have a suggestion as to how I may be able to splice a single frame into a video?
    thanks in advance!

    • Dec 08 2011 | 12:45 pm
      i haven't tried this but how about putting your frames together using jit.matrixset and then streaming the result into jit.qt.record?
    • Dec 10 2011 | 10:19 am
      ok, I looked into that, and the problem I had was the frame limit. The ram is used to store the data and I need more then that can handle.
      The next solution is using a jitter matrix to export jxf files for each frame,. This thread show a great aproach https://cycling74.com/forums/capture-video-to-a-buffer-then-shuttle-around-in-it
      by saving every frame as a raw jitter matrix, it can be as larger as your storage device can allow. and SSD's make that fast.
      my problem is that I have no way of ordering them non-sequencially. In the jit.qt.movie object, I was able to insert and move all frames down, like an edit.
      This seems very difficult with single frame files. Unless a part of the sketch was incharge of re-naming each frame +1
      does anyone have an idea of how to do this?
      essentiallty, I am trying to make a sequence like this: http://vimeo.com/16706051
      Each frame is taken and placed in a new sequence in a new order.
      this works well in theory with jit.qt.movie but I am having trouble inserting a single frame with it.
    • Dec 11 2011 | 10:47 pm
      I suppose my uses are different from a lot of ofther people, I suppose I am trying to make a very specific single frame video editing application with max.
      I am using a DJ hero wireless controller as a rotary controller so I can flip through frames real quick. I can post how I got all of the movements from the HI object.
      I have decided to combine the export to Jxf method with Coll object.
      I can keep all of the frames as JXF files and their path is stored inside of a coll, I can move and insert frames into different places of the coll re-ordering them. The file that needs to be saved is just the coll text so it is a small file to open and keep working.
    • Dec 12 2011 | 1:40 pm
      yes the coll approach is what i'd advise as well.