square and rectangular sprites at center of lcd

    May 25 2012 | 6:49 pm
    I'd like to draw the following
    1) a square sprite of height x at the center of the lcd 2) a rectangular sprite of width x and height (1/2 lcd height - x)at top and bottom edges of the square 3) a rectangular sprite of height x and width (1/2 lcd width - x)at left and right edges of the square
    4) A rectangular sprite of height equal to the lcd and width x at the left and right edges of the lcd
    5) a rectanglular sprite of width equal to the lcd and height equal to x at the top and bottom of the lcd
    x is equal in all cases and should come from a num or other ui.
    Note that only one side needs to appear concurrently - ie if the half-rectangle is drawn on the right of the square, then only the vertical rectangle will be drawn on the right. However, everything needs to be a separate sprite to enable conditionals.
    I have a few solutions but am looking to see if there was a more efficient one that I missed.
    Many thanks in advance