sswap object

    Feb 02 2006 | 8:09 am
    just to be sure : there's no object that swaps all kind of data (including symbols) ?! there's swap for int, fswap for floats... then i'll have to write a sswap for dealing with symbols if i need one, will i ?

    • Feb 02 2006 | 8:49 am
      Try this :
    • Feb 02 2006 | 8:50 am
      like this
    • Feb 02 2006 | 9:35 am
      LOL who wil make the shortest sswap object......
    • Feb 02 2006 | 10:18 am
      Thanks Emmanuel & Martin ! Both solutions work great ! Anyway, when i'll find time for, i'll do a few lines of code to build a handy external for this.
      best regards
    • Feb 03 2006 | 9:38 am
      On around Feb 2, 2006, at 10:35, MJ said something like: > LOL > who wil[l] make the shortest sswap object......
      From time to time there have been exchanges on the list with people showing off different approaches to solve the same problem with fewer and fewer objects and patch cords. These are instructive and people have the opportunity to pick up techniques of which they had not been aware.
      In general more useful than a lot of the other rambling at the moment.
      So, laugh if you will, but then see if you can do better!
      Tot gauw! P.
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