stack overflows + trying too much?

    Oct 02 2008 | 6:39 pm
    I'm trying to create a program capable of viewing multiple users eye-tracking data on top of the video they were eye-tracked against. Though I keep running into stack overflow errors.
    I have a folder with a variable number of files. Each file is formatted as [frame, x, y] so that each line of the text file is a new frame. I want to be able to open a video and display each files x,y coordinates as a glcircle or similar while playing back the movie.
    Now I've got problems (and problems). I try to let the user select a folder and parse the folder for the files. Then I have a coll setup with the absolute file paths. I load up a video and take the time report of to get the current frame number. This number is sent to a [line $1] message for the [text] object. So at this point, I am trying to loop through all of the files stored in the coll to get the x,y pts before the next frame hits.
    So the problem I have is a stack overflow with more than 4 files. I tried to look into the debugger and the stack just .. overflows at about 72.
    The essential parts of the patch are copied below with a few more comments.

    • Oct 02 2008 | 7:05 pm
      dump output of coll instead of stepping through
      thanks for reading-
    • Oct 02 2008 | 7:36 pm
      Any time that you have a recursive loop, even if you have an eventual exit point, you will need to have a deferlow in there to stop the stack overflow.
      2008/10/2 PKM
      > > solved- > > dump output of coll instead of stepping through >