Standalone build problem re: externals

    Dec 19 2010 | 10:40 pm
    Hi, I can't seem to sort this one out--perhaps someone can help: I'm attempting to build a standalone app from a patch that includes a single instance of one of the Auvi objects (in this case "au.abstract"). I keep getting these kinds of errors:
    "patcher attempting to load itself: LFO_more_info perhaps you have mistakenly named a patcher file the same name as an object it contains. this is not permitted"
    and many "newobj" errors under the Object column, for example
    "au.mix: No such object jpatchline_completeconnection: index out of range"
    In my script for the standalone build I have included both Auvi folders("__AUVI_for_Max_5" and "__AUVI_help"), and for good measure the individual file "au.abstract.mxo"
    So it seems to be attempting to load Auvi objects that I didn't use in the patch, and the one that IS in the patch isn't being found by the standalone ("au.abstract" also gets a "No such object" error).
    I tested the patch without the Auvi object and it works fine as a standalone btw.
    Any advice? Thanks.