Standalone or .mxf no longer works in Max 6.1.1 Win

    Mar 28 2013 | 5:54 pm
    I've got a big patch that I'd successfully packaged as a standalone in Max 6.0.5 but, upon upgrading to 6.1.1 today, my same .maxpat file runs fine but either the standalone or .mxf versions I generate from that do not work properly. Why would the behavior be different between running the .maxpat and the .mxf / standalone versions of the same?
    To complicate things further, I upgraded on both my Mac & PC at the same time. On the Mac, everything works perfectly whether I'm running my patch as the original .maxpat, .mxf or the standalone I've just recompiled under Max 6.1.1 Mac. It's just the Windows version that's behaving badly.
    By the way, am not using any Javascript, but a lot of 2d jit.ffts (which seems to be where the behavior changes between Max 6.1.1 Win .maxpats and .mxf / standalones). I'm not getting any errors, it's just the displays in my jit.pwindows that have fallen dormant.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks, ~Randy! :~)
    P.S. Unfortunately, I can't share the patch itself as I'm under a strict NDA. :~(

    • Apr 01 2013 | 4:42 pm
      Here's a sample patch. This one works fine running in Max 6.1.1 Windows as either a .maxpat or .mxf file for me, but the FFT window (lower right) will not display if I build it as a standalone.
      Again, it works fine in all forms on Max 6.1.1 OSX (as well as earlier Windows versions, having successfully built standalone in Win Max 6.0.5 & 6.0.8), but fails on the new Windows release.
      Any insights or suggestions greatly appreciated...
      Thanks, ~Randy! :~)