Standalones for OS X on Intel...

    May 01 2006 | 11:55 pm
    Hi - I'm getting a number of users asking me when my (commercial) MIDI-only app will be available as an Intel-native version.
    While it will run fine under Rosetta emulation, the performance is abysmal - on a MacBook Pro 2GHz, the app uses at least 5x the CPU of my TiBook 1GHz. Yikes.
    I use very few 3rd-party objects, and could probably replace those I do use with custom abstractions and javascript. I'd have no objection to building separately for Intel & PPC versions.
    I appreciate I'm not exactly C74's core market, but I wonder if there's been much progress towards Intel-nativeness for the runtime and building standalones?
    Any clarification would be appreciated (I've read what has already been said regarding an Intel-native version of Max itself).

    • May 02 2006 | 1:05 am
      The news for standalone building is the same as the news for the MaxMSP application. We are working hard on it, and we hope to have it for you soon.
    • May 03 2006 | 12:18 am
      Thanks - so when Max is universal-ready it'll build a universal binary standalone? Or separate PPC/intel binaries?
      I'd be interested in beta testing, if you'll need testers.
    • May 03 2006 | 3:24 am