Standalones work on my machine, but "quit unexpectly" on others

    Feb 27 2010 | 1:03 am
    This is a general problem I keep running into on OSX. I really have no idea what causes it. For example I had made a .12 version of "x app" and it opened fine on other machines, then without changing anything but adding 1 object and changing some values in text files for presets the .13 version "quits unexpectedly". As I only have 1 mac and cannot reproduce it's getting really aggravating. I have no idea what is wrong and the app does not make it far enough to have them report what the max window says.
    Has anyone run into this? Maybe there are general fixes, settings, or something I'm doing wrong.

    • Feb 27 2010 | 1:07 am
      Same problem here, with an app I made on XP. Won't open on OSX at school, same crash. Bizarre. Other apps are fine...
      Possibly it's about file write permissions, as the ones at school are locked down regarding that. The app auto-saves a preset file, I should do some more testing. Then there's the whole Max version control issue...
    • Feb 27 2010 | 1:46 am
      I have seen this too, with some of my commercial apps, and with no rhyme or reason to explain why. It seems more common on Windows than on OS X, but has happened on both platforms. On OS X for example, the app would bounce once in the user's Dock, and then nothing. No crash logs or anything written to the Console. In some instances, I have found that when the user would make a new User account, and run the program within that account, it *did* work - so I assume that it is some conflict with something in the person's regular user account.
      On Windows, I have even less info to go by... At one point, I thought it might have been a Java conflict as my app was using some Java externals, but I stripped the Java out, and still got the same results on those user's machines, so I don't think that was it...