Mar 16 2010 | 2:22 pm
    hello all you dev-heads,
    right i am starting to get on with building my own externals. mainly for the development of my own programs that i sell. i have the SDK, plus have been looking and looking through the pdf to get started, have been for ages now :). but there is just a few things that do confuse me, that i cant notice on the pdf. i may need new glasses.
    since i have my own abstractions i use, such as delay units that i have built myself. i dont know how i can implement that onto building an actual external of it in xcode
    also is there any documentation, much like the building of externals for max 4 that was posted up on this website some years ago in xcode 2.2. it was short but sweet, and got you moving fast in developing your own
    i am using xcode 3.2.1, and the latest max 5 build, plus the latest SDK
    many thanks...
    ------ lewis g. edwards ------ ------