Stop the click when SFplay~ is stopped

    Mar 06 2008 | 3:02 pm
    I am making a monster patch which involves lots of sfplays going on and off. I want to remove the click when the sfplay object is stopped. is there a way that i can achieve a sort of fade out rather than an immediate stop? thanks ross

    • Mar 06 2008 | 3:12 pm
    • Mar 03 2012 | 2:37 am
      I think this is a pretty good solution.
    • Mar 19 2012 | 8:48 am
      Look at implementing a gain slider which is controlled by a sine wave with a smooth envelope, this is invoked when you require the stop function. When the gain slider hits 0 you can then bang to the sfplay~ top stop the audio. There will be no click as there will be no output gain.
      This can be really useful and is used in Digital Audio systems throughout, completely customisable.
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