Stripped Down OS for MAX/MSP/Jitter Patch

    Mar 07 2006 | 8:55 pm
    I'm thinking of using MAX/MSP/Jitter for an interactive AV product. The only issue is that I need it to basically be the only thing running and boot right into it. Does anyone know if this is possible with either OSX or XP to strip it down enough to allow access to the required files but prevent everything else from running?
    Any body have any thoughts on whether OSX or XP would be the better choice for doing something like this?
    If anyone has tried something like this or has any suggestions on places I might find more info on the subject, I'd appreciate it.

    • Mar 07 2006 | 9:41 pm
    • Mar 08 2006 | 1:15 am
      On OS X these two steps might get you some of the way: 1.) Replace Finder hack (in Terminal): defaults write Finder 2.) Get rit of the by moving it to some other folder than /System/Library/CoreServices/ (the Applications Folder for instance)
      This has worked brilliantly for me on OS 10.3.9. But don't mess around with this if you don't know what you are doing!.
      :-) Jakob
    • Mar 10 2006 | 4:07 pm
      you can do same thing with windows xp, you can get rid of explorer and taskbar by replacing it with your app, but I would be really cautious about this. You have to find appropriate registry keys, and modify them. Here's a code snippet from one of explorer shell-replacemnts: pReg->SetRootKey(HKEY_CURRENT_USER);
      // Set the shell to be bluebox
      pReg->OpenKey("Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon", true);
      pReg->WriteString("Shell", szPath + " -startup");
      // Turn on BrowseNewProcess - This seems to prevent explorer from
      // surfacing
      pReg->OpenKey("Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion Explorer", true);
      pReg->WriteString("BrowseNewProcess", "Yes");
      if you want to get default values for explorer as a shell back, try this:
      // Set the shell to be explorer
      pReg->OpenKey("Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon", true);
      pReg->WriteString("Shell", "explorer.exe");
      // Undo the BrowseNewProcess change.
      pReg->OpenKey("SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion Explorer", true);
      pReg->WriteString("BrowseNewProcess", "No");
      you can check whole code if you need it on , look for bluebox shell replacement.
      you'll also have to search the net to find a way to disable windows taskmanager(poping up with ctrl+alt+del), disable other accounts and similar stuff. I think you can use tweakUI app _from microsoft_(there is a lot of spyware with same/similar name) for these things.
      you could also disable services you are sure you won't need (like a printer-related service, called spool), using contol panel->administrative tools->services.
      hth, and doesn't cause your windows unusable,
      From: "Jakob Riis"
      > On OS X these two steps might get you some of the way: > 1.) Replace Finder hack (in Terminal):