subpatcher window flags & focus

    Dec 28 2013 | 4:14 pm
    i'm building an application that is supposed to run on an 800x600 touchscreen in fullscreen mode. i'd like to have subpatches opening as pages also in fullscreen mode. this works but on closing the subpatcher page the osx menubar appears again with my main patch window in fullscreen mode behind it.
    i tried using floating windows with no title or scrollbars but the "window size" message is very imprecise. i'd like the window to open at the exact same location every time. "window size 0 0 800 600" sometimes offsets my window a few pixels to the side and almost always offsets it down by the size of the osx menu bar even though the menu bar isn't displayed because of the fullscreen flag of the main window. the biggest issue is the focus though. my subpatcher pages open correctly in front of the fullscreen main patcher window but sometimes the focus doesn't change to the subpatcher window. While programming this is very annoying because all keyboard shortcuts go to the main patcher window leaving me with no way of getting the subpatcher window out of lock as there is no toolbar.
    any solution would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dec 30 2013 | 6:36 pm
      It looks like i found a solution for this by dropping all floating windows. Instead i'm using a bpatcher and the offset message. All pages are now in one big patch. With only one window there is no problem with focus or the inaccuracy of "window size". Problem solved!