Subtle Listening Workshop - Ear Training For Artists - with Kim Cascone

    May 04 2012 | 7:18 pm
    I pray it's ok to post this for Kim. I'm very enamored by his music and wanted to do my part to help spread the word of this event(especially since i may be in Chicago at the time and won't be able to support it with my actual presence :p ....a shame, because,living in the modern world, competing for work in the bay area in the middle of a frivolously wrought recession, i could use something like this to help retune my senses and sensitivities).
    June 3 at 11:00am until June 24 at 1:00pm
    Ocean Beach Studio, 1730 Great Highway (near Moraga), San Francisco, CA 94122
    Subtle Listening is a mode of listening where one's imagination is open to the sound world around them, helping their inner ear and outer world intersect.
    The ‘Subtle Listening’ workshop is a four-session workshop in June for musicians, media artists, filmmakers, composers, producers, sound designers, or any type of artist who wants to sharpen their listening skills.
    The workshop uses a wide range of techniques culled from Jungian psychology, Hermetic philosophy, paradox and Buddhist meditation, as well as thirty years of my own experience as a sound artist and electro-acoustic music composer.
    Through guided meditation, and listening exercises, participants will learn techniques they can use any time to help heighten their sensitivity to the sounds around them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Items needed by workshop participants:
    a laptop with audio software
    an mp3 player – either software, smartphone or standalone player
    a pair of good quality headphones – earbuds are OK
    loose comfortable clothing for meditation practice
    two pairs of foam earplugs
    a small notebook for use as a dream journal & sketch book
    a USB stick with room on it for mp3 files
    a blindfold – a scarf that can be tied around ones head will do
    small hand-held items that make noise: small bells small percussion instruments (bells, triangles, small drums etc) small rocks – no bigger than a palm of a hand clickers – or any small metal objects cellophane or aluminum foil etc whatever people imagine would be useful
    digital recorders, microphones are optional but can be useful for documentation and workshop work
    ***please note: that the full workshop takes place over four Sundays***
    June 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th - 11am -1pm
    Transit: N-Judah stops two blocks away
    Google map for Ocean Beach Studios:
    cost: early registration discount is $100 after May 15th the price is $150
    for more info please contact: