Sudden Motion Sensor

    Apr 19 2006 | 7:33 pm
    I am trying to use the Sudden Motion Sensor built-in to my Apple Powerbook G4 for a max patch by using AMSTracker and the shell 3rd party object in max/msp. So far, I have worked out how to open AMSTracker from within maxmsp using the shell object by sending the message: open "/Volumes/AMSTracker 0.31/amstracker" which opens in a new terminal window. The shell object uses perl commands to communicate with the terminal and I only came across this programming language yesterday and this patch has to be submitted for my degree very soon, hence I need some help stringing together code to do what I want this max patch to do.
    I want this max patch to read data from AMSTracker in the terminal so I can use the X,Y and Z axis data to manipulate data and audio in maxmsp. If anyone can help me, no matter how much, I'd really appreciate it.
    Many thanks,

    • Apr 22 2006 | 8:10 pm
      Hey, heres a simple decoder that gives you x y & z. I built a theremin too with this if you want it? but that uses some jitter and is alot of code if you just want a simple decoder. This version is alot simpler than what you meant, it just opens it in max and packs out decoded numbers. so no need to be termanaling (If thats really a word). One small warning though, the use of this seems to be unstable, so it often stops max closing properly. Also you may need a different tracker for other powerbooks etc. Good luck, anything else I can do, dont hesitate to ask. T
    • Apr 22 2006 | 10:59 pm
      on my computer, this patch tracks mouse movement, not AMS.
      Anybody know whats wrong?
    • Apr 23 2006 | 11:15 am
      Hey, I cant find the link on google but there is 2 versions of the Ams tracker. I presume you have placed the 'ams tracker' program in your applications folder. If this is the case, you probably need the other version, which is meant for the other SMS system. you may well be able to find it somewhere around this site or this one Hope this sorts your problem. T
    • Apr 24 2006 | 4:32 am
      those are where I got my copy of AMS tracker, so thats not it...
      Anyone have the app?
      surely its small enough to include as an attachment.
      Thanks, Comp