Sunday 3/25 - Austin, TX - Ableton Users' Group - 2 ~ 10 pm

    Mar 24 2012 | 4:03 pm
    Austin Ableton User Group Meet Up!: last sunday of every month, free to all, starting now!!
    MEET UP (2pm) @: Award King, 2540 Brockton Drive, Suite # 107 Austin, Texas, 78758
    *This one is a party, barbq, byob, potluck, workshops, live music!
    we will have A keg!
    and some serious Bar BQ Action going..
    yup we in Texas!!
    Bring a side dish or something to throw on the grill
    Sponsored by
    Award King
    Keith McMillen Instruments
    - Demos by -
    Keith McMillen Instruments Demo
    yes we will have the QuNeo and you can touch it!
    Line 6 Demo's
    - workshops, Q and A -
    Q-n-A All Day with jimmy, bring in any brain thumping questions
    Certified Ableton Trainer Jimmy Allion (Lux Divon, Austin Ableton Tutor)
    2pm - Mixing workshop
    How to polish your mixes and make them pop and gel
    Certified Ableton Trainer Adam Fangsurd (Art Institute, Bliss + Bane)
    3pm - Performing Live with Max4live and Naetron
    Nathan Crepeault (AudioNate, Naetron)
    4pm - Wordpress Workshop
    -workshop on setting up wordpress to create a web presence for your music
    and to help with self promotion
    Delwin Steven Campbell - (AbletonOp)
    7pm Maestro - Beatboxing workshop
    A local entertainment mad man, Maestro radiates talent with out even breaking a sweet, and watch out when he starts getting warmed up. Learn some Beatboxing secrets from a true master.
    - Performances -
    3pm - Naetron
    5pm - Stein
    6pm - Lux Divon
    7pm - Maestro
    8pm - Jason Torres
    9pm - Bliss + Bane (Experimental Dub)