SuperCollider through Max?

    Sep 01 2017 | 1:24 pm
    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is quite the right place to be asking but, is there any way to output audio from SuperCollider to Max?
    I'm wanting to use Max as a massive filter with the actual noise generated in SC.
    How should I go about achieving this? I'm stuck.
    Thanks, Jon

    • Sep 01 2017 | 3:25 pm
      Soundflower, maybe? Haven't actually used it myself in a few years, so I can't speak to current status/compatibility, but that might get you going.
      That said, depending on what you mean by "massive filter," it could very well be much easier to put the rest of your DSP together in SC?
    • Sep 01 2017 | 6:19 pm
      Loopback from Rogue Amoeba. Not free but works perfectly (and invisibly) for this kind of thing.