SWF and Jitter

    Jun 05 2006 | 9:40 pm
    Dear all, I'm trying to learn more about Flash-Jitter communication. Do you know why many ".swf" flash movies doesn't work in Jitter?
    I'm trying, with the message "read", to import this swf: http://www.larabbiadilucia.altervista.org/animation.swf
    in the Jitter tutorial patch "44jFlashInteractivity.pat", but it doesn't work (and it's not the only case).
    Thanks, Bruno

    • Jun 05 2006 | 9:55 pm
      Only Flash 5 features (and a small group of Flash 6, if I recall correctly) are supported by QuickTime. If you need to support Flash 6 and Higher, you should run in a flash standalone or web browser and communicate with one of the various Flash/Max networking solutions. (e.g. flosc, or flashserver, or a custom MXJ solution)
    • Jun 05 2006 | 10:08 pm
    • Jun 06 2006 | 1:15 am
      On Jun 5, 2006, at 3:08 PM, Bruno Zamborlin wrote:
      > > java Gateway 1250 3000 > >>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError : Gateway
      I'm not positive, but it sounds like you have not properly configured your java classpath. Please search online Java documentation and resources to learn how to configure your Java class path so that it will include all of the classes you need to run the java programs desired.
      Also note that under Windows XP, you'll probably need to disable or re-configure your firewall settings so that you can expose/access various ports.
      You may also consider using Olaf Matthes Flashserver object. http://www.nullmedium.de/dev/flashserver/
      Best of luck.
    • Jun 06 2006 | 10:50 am
      Thank you Joshua, but now I resolved the problem. I don't know why, but on XP machine it's necessary to point at the folder again, something like:
      cd C:flosc java -classpath C:flosc Gateway 1250 3000
      Now it works :)