symbol with pointer value zero in max 4

    Mar 31 2010 | 10:56 pm
    I have a very complex patch with a lot of home-coded externals in. Every so often in the high priority thread under max 4.63 I get passed a symbol to a function with type checked arguments that has a pointer value of zero.
    This is no a major problem now I am checking for this, but I'm surprised it is happening at all. It is possible that one of my externals is sending this zero symbol but I don't think that likely, which would mean that for some reason the symbol is not getting passed properly in max. There is a lot going on in the patch, and possibly a lot in the high priority thread at once - does anyone know if there are any circumstances under which this behaviour might occur? I believe that the most likely source of the symbol is that it has been typed into a message box with a #0 on the front. It is also likely that similar messages are getting sent several times in a row (as in several milliseconds apart, but I only seem to get one zero symbol at a time, which means that the rest of the time this seems to be working.
    Any thoughts?