Symbols and M4L

    Sep 15 2010 | 1:33 pm
    I wonder if anyone can help me. I've been trying to pass a symbol into my own external in Max4Live. When the device is in edit mode, the symbol is passed fine, but when I close the editor the symbol is no longer passed to my object. So far I have tried an A_SYM method, also an A_GIMME method, used multiple symbols ie "test me" as well as single symbols.... but to no avail. Both methods work fine in the editor. Maybe someone could let me know if this is a limitation of M4L..... it would be a pain but not a show stopper if it is indeed a limitation. Or, am I missing something that I must do to my external, in order for it to receive symbols in M4L non device edit mode? Thanks for your time reading this. kind regards Leigh

    • Sep 15 2010 | 3:03 pm
      hehe - self help group here I come. It works, but the only way I seem to be able to get a symbol into my object is with the method
      class_addmethod(c, (method)myobject_anything, "anything", A_GIMME, 0);
      I hope this might save someone else an afternoon of head scratching!
    • Sep 15 2010 | 4:04 pm
      Could you elaborate? It doesn't seem likely that there's this kind of behavior.
    • Sep 16 2010 | 4:32 pm
      Doh!.... Actually, I just made a stripped down external for the purpose of elasborating and... all works fine! Maybe less coffee and shorter programming sessions might help in the future! Thanks for your interest anyway. regards, Leigh